Happy Weekend Friends!!

Among Us w/ AVerMedia funtimes!! + Live HEART RATE! ^.^ | KEEB & Trackball O.O

11 months ago Tessa


Wir stecken viel Herz

in den nächsten PC – wortwörtlich 💜🦄

11 months ago Malika


A step up from even the best air coolers

about the EK-AIO 240 Basic. Get all the info here ➡️

11 months ago Kat


Challenge Accepted

In this crazy time we live in it is more important than ever to help others and spread love.

11 months ago Stefy


Highlight: Upgrading my AMD Powered Gaming Rig #Sponsored

Upgrading from AMD Ryzen 7 2700 & AMD Radeon RX VEGA 56 to AMD Ryzen 5800X & AMD Radeon RX 6800

11 months ago Erin


Might not look like much…yet… but

we're going to turn this into a #beautiful @AMDGaming Rig for #GGP

11 months ago Leslie


Thank you @EkFluidGaming for the hospitality

at @pax west! I had a FAB time in Seattle and learned alot. Let’s bring #simracing with @init_esports next year!

11 months ago Stefy


Progress! Here’s 1 of 3

builds currently going on in my #BuildTogether series with @rog_na and @ekwaterblocks 🥰

11 months ago Deb


Strix waterblock

Prerequisite corner shot for #PCBuilds 🤣 I’m still honestly in awe that the @lianlihq O11D mini fits an @ekwaterblocks 360mm AND 240mm radiator in here.

11 months ago Deb


Birls – GO for it, this is NOT just a hobby for bros

This last project, I completely stepped out of my comfort zone and attempted to build my own computer from scratch.

11 months ago Deb


Lil mid-week catch-up

chill stream coming your way 💙

11 months ago Tessa



I had a busy weekend with family so my heart is full but my energy is tanked Come for chill vibes & relaxation

11 months ago Erin