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Amplifying Women’s Voice
and Power in Tech


EK has always been a very customer-centered company, with a strong and engaged community of users. Yet, the vast majority of current custom loop customers are male. We want to honor female users by including them in all stages of product development and communication. That’s why we are launching the EK Female Advisory Board – FAB.

EK Female Advisory Board will serve as a driver of intelligence and inspiration for developing products and services for all female users of our products – be it an enthusiastic computer modder with a hobby of building extreme PCs, competitive esports professional, a visual effects designer who needs the best hardware to power her vision, enterprise executive in the hardware industry, or an engineer working on thermal balancing in a start-up.

Kat Silberstein president of FAB



Malika Hartmann

Co-Founder & CEO / Entrepreneur / Content Marketing Expert / Digital Nomad / World Traveler

Malika’s FAB superpower: Creating content that inspires women to pursue work in the tech world.


Cori Linder

VP of Marketing / Content & PR Strategist / Agency CoFounder / Brand Storyteller

Cori’s FAB superpower:Capturing and communicating the compelling stories behind aspiring women in tech and gaming.


Stefy Bau

Founder & CEO, Init Esports & Init Sports /

Stefy’s FAB superpower:Linking tech with motorsports and SIM racing, while supporting women with the same passion.


Deb Lee

Sr. Manager of Brand Marketing / Founder & Co-Owner of Lab Tested Inc. / Auto & Tech Journalist / Dog Mom

Deborah’s FAB superpower: To make a positive ‘can-do’ attitude very contagious.


Leslie Pirritano

Marketing & Relationship Strategist / Gamer / Your Best Friend @ AMD

Leslie’s FAB superpower: Bringing new ideas, giggles and laughter to every conversation.


Kat Silberstein

CEO, Americas @ EKWB / Global Explorer / Connector / Tech Shaman

Kat’s FAB superpower: Turning ideas and thoughts into reality – she makes things happen.


Erin Queen

Content Creator / Brand Builder / Entrepreneur / Live Streamer

Erin’s FAB superpower: Enlightening and inspiring women to build a successful career in streaming and content creation.


Tessa Games

Bordercast Producer, Editor & Host / Twitch Partner / Content Creator / Brand Builder / Geeky Adventurer

Tessa’s FAB superpower: Creating content that makes people smile and inspires them to explore new adventures in tech & in life.


Roundtable Discussions

A lot of technology is marketing and designed for men, but women are using that same technology to excel in their fields. In addition to the FAB members, discussions include the EK CEO of the Americas, Kat Silberstein, and the EK founder, Edvard Konig. Together, they’ll share their insights, identify potential pain points, and brainstorm solutions.

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The FAB world

The FAB world

Stay up to date on all the activities of our FAB members. All the individual contributions that are done to forward the tech industry will be highlighted and promoted on this curated newsfeed. View everything from interviews with FAB members of their professional experiences to exposure of their builds and work. Make sure you tune in to explore how women are active in every corner of technology’s advancement.

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The FAB Mod Pit

Our Mod Pit will host a female modder working on her build and showcase her masterpiece. They will discuss their preferences, approaches, and how they dove into the world of liquid cooling. The joys of modding and building your own PC aren’t reserved for a select few, it is a universal interest that everyone should feel empowered to try and enjoy. Join them in the unique feeling of pride from conquering a seemingly complicated process and creating a gorgeous, personalized build.

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How can FAB help us?

How can FAB help us?

The FAB Hub is an online community for women who are interested in technology, improving their modding skills, and networking with other industry members. The FAB Hub is meant to celebrate and promote women’s engagement in the tech industry. The experience of our members and other women in tech aims to encourage others to see themselves and their needs accurately represented.

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For technology to truly advance, everyone needs to feel welcomed and encouraged to participate. We are very excited that FAB is working to inspire women and highlight those who are already blazing a trail for others. We look forward to hearing all the advice and insights that the FAB members will share. We hope that as a result, our cooling solutions will reflect all of our users’ love and enthusiasm towards creating liquid-cooled works of art.

Edvard König & Matjaž Krč